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The Gambia: the business hub of West Africa

In The Gambia, business is booming. This small West African country is leading the way when it comes to growth, and offers a number of exciting opportunities for investment.

Since independence, and specifically over the past twenty years, several Gambia business sectors have grown and begun to thrive. This has been encouraged by a number of factors, including political and financial stability, low crime, and major investment in education, infrastructure and healthcare.

Here is an introduction to just some of The Gambia’s key business sectors:


The Gambia has a thriving tourist trade. Visitors are attracted by the year round sunshine, easy access to the country, and beautiful scenery, which includes beaches, rivers, national parks and a rich cultural heritage. There is a wide range of hotels and holiday property on offer – you can find out more at


There is no shortage of quality properties to buy and let in The Gambia – and no shortage of demand, either. Property development has become one of the country’s most exciting areas of growth. Property conveyancing and laws are based on the British legal system, and so this is a very attractive market in particular for investors from the UK. To view a range of properties and land to buy or let, visit

Building and construction

A result of the growth of the property market has been a similar growth in the building and construction industry. New hotels, shopping malls, homes and offices are being built throughout the country, boosting jobs and increasing opportunities for the tourist trade.

Financial services

The financial services industry has come into its own over the past two decades. Financial institutions such as banks, as well as accountants, auditors and advisors have all contributed to The Gambia’s business growth.


Agriculture has been the traditional industry in The Gambia and continues to contribute much to its economy. The country exports its crops and produce throughout the world. Profitability has been significantly helped by the improvements made to the country’s infrastructure.

A complete guide to business in The Gambia can be found on our website

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