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A Night of Black Magique

Black Magique is a Black Tie Event that starts two years ago and is now an annual event every December 25th on Christmas day. It is a combination of a Galla Dinner, Spoken Word, Music and Theatre for those that don’t know. This year’s event will be happening at Kairaba Hotel on Christmas day and Tickets are available for Sale from now.

Word of Mouth is one of the activities organized by Balafong on the last Friday of every month. From this is where they received inspiration for the Black Magique event. The idea was born from its Administrators Sana Sarr, Latirr Carr, Amran Gaye, Lena Nian, and Sat Dior who form the Balafong team. It is inspiring to see young Gambians coming up with such creative ideas.

Science might be the heart of every generation but Art is the soul. Handed down from one generation to another, art represents the image and perception of a people at every point in time. At the center of the art soul lays performing arts in its entire splendor as it puts the artist’s thought in proper perspective and translates bare words into emotions that would otherwise be left to the interpretation of the recipient. It was this desire to describe the artist’s words that led to the birth of “spoken word”; the art of the “guewel” as she sang the songs of history; the captivating beauty of the opera; the rise of the big screen; and the creation of Balafong’s very own Word of Mouth says one of the founders Latirr Carr.

This shows that together, if we start supporting and celebrating Gambian literature, we can come up with our own generation of Chinua Achebes, thus, leaving a legacy to generations yet unborn.

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