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AfICTA convenes first Summit – AfICTS 2013 -26-28 June

AfICTA – (Africa Information and Communication Technologies Alliance) is pleased to announce the convening of its first ICT Summit (AfICTS) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN), Nigeria’s Ministry of Communication Technology, Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria, Edo State Government, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) and a host of others. The event is scheduled to take place at the Digital Bridge Institute, Oshodi, Lagos on 26-28 June, 2013.

The theme of the Summit is “Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age in Africa”.

With a population of more than 1billion, GDP of over US$2t (2012 est.), growth rate of more than 5%, and with a huge natural resource base, Africa is poised to cheetahpolevault its development for a 21st Century African renaissance. As the private sector led voice of the Continent’s ICT industry and in line with its vision towards the fulfilment of the promise of the digital age for everyone in Africa, AfICTA is convening this Summit to connect key ICT leaders in the public and private sectors across Africa to brainstorm and thus engender the fulfillment of the promise of the digital age in Africa.

The promise of the digital age is as articulated in the Geneva Convention 2003 and the Tunis Agenda 2005 of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) for an Information Society by 2015; a global society that reaps the full benefit of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), thereby bringing dividends of improved living standard, wealth and prosperity for citizens. Can this be a reality in Africa?

The 3-day Summit is geared to addressing the roadmap for a digital Africa. On day 1, there would be Business leaders Outreach Programme by the Business Constituency of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and DNSSEC awareness/adoption Workshop to be conducted by ICANN Security and Stability Task Force. The DNS Workshop will run concurrently with other events on Day 2 & 3 solely for Network engineers. Register @ The opening ceremony, keynotes and initial plenaries hold on Day 2. Register @ Day 3 will focus on efforts to stem high rate of (ICT) project failures with the conduct of a global best practice and specialized Workshop on Procurement and Project Management. Register @

As a way of recognizing African ICT Champions, a dinner will be hosted to honour African ICT Champions selected based on public input. Please nominate your candidate @ by May 31 and vote till June 14.

For more information about the Summit, please visit

About AfICTA

Africa Information & Communication Technologies Alliance (AfICTA) is a private sector led alliance of ICT Associations, multi-national corporations, organisations and institutions in the ICT sector in Africa.

Our vision is to fulfil the promise of the digital age for everyone in Africa. While our mission is to encourage multi-stakeholder dialogue and intra-African trade to foster accelerated ICT enabled development in Africa. Our mission is also to use cutting-edge innovative technologies including mobile, computing and satellite technologies to achieve an Information society in Africa.


Our goals are to

1. Create awareness and improve African digital literacy by 50% in collaboration with stakeholders by the year 2020

2. Create partnerships with the regional economic commissions towards the realization of the WSIS 2015 targets

3. Position more than 50% of African ICT professionals and experts in the business community, academic and technical community and civil society to be fully engaged in the global Internet Governance multi-stakeholder dialogues by 2015

4. Be the focal point for Africa ICT advocacy in the global digital economy

5. Promote business partnership between member’s associations

6. Organise non-state ICT actors in Africa for effective local and continental advocacy by the year 2015

7. Contribute to capacity and capability building by promoting best practices, encouraging regional projects, sharing data (skills, expertise, events, business announcements, exhibitions, seminars, etc.)

Member countries of AfICTA include: South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Tunisia, the Gambia, Rwanda, Namibia, Somalia, Burundi and Nigeria. Read more about AfICTA @

For more information, please contact:

Faith Oyeleke

Programme Officer



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