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Africa Youth Day

The 8th edition of the African Youth Day African  is a significant development in the recognition of the importance of the young people in our continents quest for sustainable development. About 65% of the African population is composed of people below 35 years. This day represents a process aimed to find a lasting solution to the numerous problems confronting our youth. The youth are today’s workforce and tomorrow’s leaders therefore they need and deserve the support of their societies and governments for the sake of our future.

Unfortunately in Africa, the youth struggle with economic hardships and social injustices which compels them to leave the shores of the continent at any cost in the search of greener pastures. Every day hundreds of African young people die in the Sahara desert and the sea in their attempt to illegally migrate to Europe. This sad situation has become almost a norm. The youth are still jobless therefore not able to release their creative energies for the betterment of themselves or their societies. This African Youth Day 2013, asks African Governments to attach the utmost importance to the issues pertaining to the youth notably the accessibility to education and jobs.

Here in Banjul, the African Youth Panel brought together youth leaders from across the continent to sensitize them about the African Youth Charter, an African Union legal framework for youth development in the continent.  It is expected that the participants would serve as ambassadors in ensuring that the Charter is popularized in member states.

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