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African Growth Through Technology Summit

The 2014 African Growth Through Technology summit (AGTTS)  attempts to bring the public and private sector together over a three day period from the 5-7TH March at Kairaba Hotel  to discuss, educate and showcase the possibilities and determine ways in which Africa can achieve its technology ambitions through private business.

It is indeed an undeniable fact that ICT has become an integral part of our daily lives, addressing a wide spectrum of needs ranging from our homes and professions to various individual needs, with the option of tailor made products and services. This sector is largely demand driven and extremely competitive and such demands cutting edge solutions not only to remain in business but also to maintain relevance. This unique characteristic is what makes ICT an industry where efficiency and cost effectiveness become paramount in the delivery of product and services.

The objective ,different groups from a diverse array of backgrounds and industries can come together to discuss experiences and determine a concrete methodology that can be used by the public sector, NGOs and other businesses, to engage private technology companies to achieve concrete results and success through mutually beneficial alliances. How can the public sector engage the private sector through donors or directly to create a technology driven economy and provide new opportunities for growth through innovation?

The Gambia has not been left out of this global bandwagon as the country also witnessed its own ICT Revolution. Although much more remains possible, the humble strides registered have changed our daily routines in the way we consume information and use and conceive technology.

A new dawn is rising for Africa-Africa is rising in technology! The spot light is on Africa and the world is looking to Africa to drive the next 20 years of growth. African’s must cash in and compete. #AGTTS Watch live here!


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