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Balla Gaye 2 & Tapha Tines Combat

Balla Gaye 2 and Tapha Tine, these names may not mean much to many outside of The Gambia and Senegal, but wrestling fans across the Senegambia region were glued to their TV screens when the two fighters came face to face on Sunday. The sport turned professional in the 1970s in Senegal, and in the 2000s, the top wrestlers started earning tens of millions of CFAs. In The Gambia as well, the sport is well and truly in the up and it is a matter of when before it starts attracting large crowds like in Senegal.

Wrestling also known as Bourreh in our local language is becoming quite the popular sport in both Gambia and especially Senegal. Young wrestlers are making a living from this and supporting their families. The match between Ballah Gaye 2 and Tapha Tine for those who don’t understand was epic like the equivalent of watching Mike Tyson and Evandra Hollyfield fight. Only in this case no ones ear was bitten off……lol

The Senegalese wrestler Balla defeated Tapha Tine in less than three minutes .The roar of cheers that I heard was as if the entire country were glued to their TV’s. Just minutes after Balla brought Tapha Tine down, fans descended on the streets of the Greater Banjul celebrating on the victory.

The passion for this sport is ever increasing in both The Gambia and Senegal. It seems that wrestling is even more closely followed than football. Congratulations to Balla Gaye!! Still the undefeated champion of Senegal!

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