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D39M Fund for youth development in The Gambia

As part of the “2013 Dialogue with the people tour” it has been made known to the youths that The Gambian government has set aside a staggering sum of D39M for youth development in the country.

Noting that the money will enable the young people to maximize their potentials to the fullest. The Gambian leader was however quick to explain that it is not meant to support individuals but genuine youth groups in the country, while calling for attitudinal change especially among Gambian youths.

He also emphasized the need for youths to go into enterprising ventures so as to contribute effectively to national development. He equally challenged them to be steadfast and committed and help their parents while noting that small business in the country is dominated by foreigners. This is a means of encouraging the youths of The Gambia to become more business driven and to provide youths with the means to take care of them selves and have something to look forward to in their future. The president stated that he can not help each individual one by one but this is a stepping stone towards the rite direction.

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