Gambia's No. 1 Online Business Directory Your Online African Craft Market is an online afro centric store in nature. We offer an eclectic mix of handmade items ranging from leather bags, crafts & accessories, all produced in The Gambia. Want to look trendy or Design your home with a touch of Africa? Well you’re at the right place!We are a specialty brand retailer, inspiring people to buy & use our brand to improve their lifestyle with African pieces that you can easily blend into your day to day lives. We provide quality and unique pieces of style to our customers.

Daraja is a word taken from the Wolof language. It is one of the main languages spoken by mainly the people of The Gambia and Senegal located in West Africa. The Word Daraja means Prestige.

The Gambia’s main source of income comes from Tourism. Directly linked with tourism is the artisan community of The Gambia. During the peak of our season tourist from U.K and Scandinavia come to visit our beautiful country know for its great weather, sandy beaches, friendly people and our Art. The Gambia’s artisan communities rely on tourist to provide their livelihoods and sustain their businesses as they are the people that really appreciate the talents they have to offer. From leather works, beading, wood works, basketry, Tie & Die etc you name it we have it! Our products are manufactured from The Gambia’s craft markets. All items seen on the website are all handmade products produced by the local crafts men and women of The Gambia. When you buy any item from Daraja you are actively supporting and making a difference to The Gambian people.

Every item by Daraja will be Limited Edition, as we will make only a small quantity of each item available! Our product range is constantly growing and evolving, but if you have any particular products you would like to see on our online store or feedback, please email us at

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