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DJ Pisces/One Tribe Sound

When it comes to entertainment in The Gambia, the name Pisces rings a bell. Pisces is undoubtedly one of the leading reggae dancehall DJ’S IN The Gambia of our recent times.The award winning ONE TRIBE Sound was founded in 1997 and has become truly international, playing New York, Gambia, Germany, Sweden and the U.K. Amongst its members is Pisces,founder and one of the most famous DJs in The Gambia.  He was one of those who started one tribe back in the USA. PISCES now resides in his home country so as to bring reggae music to the door steps of the Gambian Population.

Pisces founded Onetribe Sound, years ago and this sound is now internationally recognised. Onetribe Sound has representative both in England and Belgium as well. It was established in the United States and since then, has been breaking international records.

This year they will be celebrating their 15th year Anniversary in Grand style.This is a big acheivement for The One tribe Clan being that they have pushed over the years and it’s not so easy in the Gambia’s Entertainment Industry.He has been an innovative entertainer spanning his success not only in The Gambia but outside.He also helps promote many of the younger generation of Gambian Artist who trully have talent however lack the resources to build on themselves.So when your in The Gambia and want to know where to go to listen to nice reggae vibes.Look out for The One Tribe Family.

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