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€3.8M climate change project launched in Gambia

A two-year Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) support project to The Gambia for integrated coastal zone management and the mainstreaming of climate change, financed at the tune of €3.86M .Funded by the European Union, the Global Climate Change Alliance initiative o, has the objective of building a new alliance on climate change between EU and the poor developing countries that are most affected and that have the least capacity to deal with climate change.

Permanent secretary, Abdoulie Jallow, affirmed that the project seeks to improve the capability of government and people of The Gambia to increased climate vulnerability and change.He said the EU funded the scheme as part of its global support to developing countries that are most vulnerable to climate change. “The project is intended to strengthen the national level capacity, planning and response to climate change impacts in coastal areas; and to contribute to the mainstreaming of climate change in our development planning,” he pointed out.

The EU Charge d’ affaires in The Gambia, Agnes Guillaud, informed that The Gambia’s low line coastal areas are vulnerable to climate change impact including sea level rise and flooding. “Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable in view of the concentration of socio-economic and cultural asset and people. The coastal erosion on the Atlantic coastline is a serious problem that could be exacerbated by sea level rise. In some areas, the beach has been depleting at a rate of 1-2 meters a year, threatening tourism infrastructure and associated livelihood,” she indicated.

Guillaud however stressed that the successful implementation of the project requires good coordination from all stakeholders involved. The deputy authorizing officer of the EU, Ebrima Darboe, who doubles as the director of Loan and Debt at the Finance Ministry, said the government of The Gambia recognizes the challenges posed by climate change. He informed that the formulation of the project was done through consultative and participatory process involving all key stakeholders.

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