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Ebola lockdown in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of the countries worst affected by the outbreak. On a 3 day lockdown they say more than a million households were surveyed and 130 new cases discovered. More than 90 bodies have been recovered across Sierra Leone during a three-day lockdown attempting to combat the Ebola epidemic.

The emergency measures came to an end with singing and dancing in the streets on Sunday as people celebrated temporary freedom from the restrictions. Police said a number of arrests were made in parts of the capital, Freetown, as authorities enforced the lockdown in its final hours.

The Government had controversially ordered the country’s 6 million residents to stay indoors as volunteers circulated to isolate anyone infected and remove the dead, educating households about how to avoid contracting the disease.

Tests during the drive identified 53 new cases of Ebola out of 123 people who contacted authorities with concerns, and dozens of potential sufferers were still awaiting the results on Monday.

The 92 bodies had been recovered by the end of the second day on Saturday and at least 562 people have been killed by Ebola in Sierra Leone so far.

According to the UN agency, the number of overall deaths from Ebola has risen to 2,793 and the disease remains “a public health emergency of international concern”.

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