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Eumeu Sene Visits The Gambia

This past weekend Eumeu sene famous Senegalese wrestler made history by defeating Balla Gaye 2 in a very anticipated wrestling match for the second time,watched by people from all over West Africa. Claiming the title of Champion of the wrestling ring.

Invited by the President of The Gambia this past weekend the wrestle visited The Gambia with a high-powered delegation including his wife.  He returned gratitude to the Gambian leader for his prayers and support over the course of his career, and particular his historic victory against his rival Balla Gaye II at the Stadium Demba Diop in Dakar.

In an emotional speech during an interview with journalists at State House, the Senegalese wrestler spoke of his admiration for President Jammeh, who prayed for him and also advised him to face any opponent in the arena. With that in mind, he Sene said he felt inspired and has now seen the result, manifested in a historic victory.

Sene thus called on Senegambians to understand and bear in mind that Gambia and Senegal is like a head that nobody can separate into two. He further told journalists that the Wolof they speak in Senegal is the same Wolof spoken in The Gambia, noting they are the same people who shared the same mother and father and that President Jammeh has built The Gambia.

Prior to his audience with the Gambian leader, the renowned Senegalese wrestler performed the Friday prayers at the State House Mosque in Banjul with the president.Shortly after that closed-door session with the president, Eumeu Sene and his wife were each presented keys to  brand new cars as a donation from the Gambian leader.

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