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Fraud in The Gambia

It has come to my attention that the crime rate in The Gambia has become incredibly high. Time and time again we here stories of fraudsters from different African countries and around the world coning people and you think to your self that this could not happen to any intelligent person. The truth is it could happen to anyone in this world we are living in today and these people can end up destroying the lives of innocent people that fall into their traps.

Some people in Gambia turn to less than honest means to take advantage of “toubabs” and locals using various devious tricks. My advice would be to be on the look out for those attempting to part you from your money by pleading a false case.

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However I feel still that more efforts should be made in order to stop these criminal acts because obtaining money through false pretence is a crime. But in the mean time the only thing that I can think of is to raise awareness about the situation because it is a serious one.

• If it sounds too easy, think to your self why they can’t do it for themselves.

• Look at the environment of the people trying to obtain money from you.

• Avoid any transaction with individuals that you do not know.

• Avoid meeting individuals that you do not know online.

• Do not reply to emails in which you do not know who it is from.

The bottom line is if something looks to good to be true it usually is. The best method of achieving success is to work hard in achieving your goals.

If you are in The Gambia as a tourist the best thing is to avoid money transactions with strangers if you have any business transactions ask your Hotel for advice. If you are a local it has been announced on GRTS that there are people randomly calling your phones claiming to be Sooth seers and if you get such calls the best thing to do is to contact your local authorities.

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