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Fufu is an African staple used as an alternative to rice. There are different types of Fufu, it can be made with any of the following: Cassava, Yams, Plantain or Coco-yams. The traditional method is quite time consuming and labour-intensive. However there is an easier way to prepare Fufu, which you will find in the closing comments.

1 Hours



1kilograms Cassava

Salt to taste (about 1 teaspoon)



1. Peel the cassava and place in a pot of water bring to the boil and cook until the cassava is soft and tender (approximately 40 minutes).

2. Drain the cassava and place into a large pestle and mortar. Pound the cassava until it becomes a soft and smooth consistency. Add salt to taste and you are done.

3. Serve warm with any Gambian soup as a sauce.

The cassava can be substituted with Plantains, coco-yams, yams or even potato. The process is exactly the same irrelevant of which staple you choose. As an alternative you can purchase pre ground cassava or plantain flour mix with boiling water to make Fufu (although this is cheating!).

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