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Gambega Company launches entrepreneurship project

Gambega Company Gambia Limited launched another development project called 5 by 20 entrepreneurship skills development project for women in The Gambia, held at the Gambega premises. The project is intended to develop about 100 women entrepreneurs in the country in 2014.

The initiative offers women access to business, skills training courses, financial services and network with peers and mentors, along with the confidence that comes with building a successful business. The whole objective of the project is to create a sustainable livelihood for these women for a sustainable community, thus creating a sustainable economy for the nation.

The project marked a significant milestone in the development of the business of Coca-Cola Company and the continued efforts and drive for women empowerment in The Gambia. In this project, they collaborate with the government, non-Governmental organizations, civil societies and other business partners to address the most common barriers women face when trying to succeed in business.

According to the Managing Director of Gambega women around the world are already pillars of their business system. We are building on that foundation by implementing programs to help women own their businesses all over the world. Specifically, he said they would focus on the small businesses the company works with in over 200 countries around the world. So far, the initiative had been launched in over 20 countries including Liberia and Ghana in the West African sub-region.

The first batch of women who are going to benefit from the project in terms of giving them the requisite training, capital in the form of trade equipment and products have already kicked off. They have initiated the process and procedures for the second batch and by the end of the year, they are expecting to train and set up one hundred women entrepreneurs in The Gambia.

This is a great initiative from Gambega because they are contributing towards their Social corporate responsibility to empower women by giving them the necessary training to succeed in the businesses and build on their entrepreneur skills. As the saying goes teach a woman and you teach an entire village.


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