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Gambia 4th July Celebrations in the states

There are so many Gambians’ now Living abroad particularly in the USA, The Land of Opportunity. For a very long time Gambians have also been leaving The Gambia in search of greener pastures in the land of Opportunity. Some have gone for education, some for work, some are now married and even have had children their and some are just their trying to hustle.

Well every year on The 4th of Jully, which we all know as Americas Independence day The Gambian Capital City of America Atlanta, Georgia celebrate in Grand Style. Gambians from all over the states come to attend a 3 day event.  If you want to see a face that you haven’t seen in ages, this is the place to go.

This year Gambians are starting this one of a kind program with a remarkable Book Signing Event with Gambian Authors from all over. This special occasion will be held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel and will be followed by a spectacular Cultural Night. This years’ Cultural Night will be bringing you a very special guest. The one and only “Djily Creation” from Dakar, Senegal will be gracing the program and there will be a special showcase of the latest designs from the region’s number one.

On Saturday, the day will be starting with a Huge Trade Show/ Exhibitions with American Chamber of Commerce, Gambia (AmCham) side-by-side with the Soccer Tournament. This will be an all day event will be very entertaining. Come out in numbers to support our Gambian Entrepreneurs with their exhibitions. Come see and support your state visiting soccer teams at the all day tournament.  End the evening with Assane Ndiaye and the Ngewel Band (Live in Atlanta). Witness an elegant Gala Night with class. Don’t allow this to be explained when is all over, be part of something that belongs to you.

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