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Gambia Bird Shuts Down

After Just 2 years of operations it has come buy shock to everyone on the shutting down of Gambia Bird Airlines. Gambia Bird Airlines has suspended commercial flight operations until further notice. This operational decision is effective as of Tuesday 30th December 2014.According to rumours this development came after the suspension of flight to all Ebola affected countries cutting down the companies air routes.













They would like the general public to know that they will provide a full refund of all tickets purchased prior to flight suspension. Furthermore, Gambia Bird Airlines wishes to reaffirm that they will comply with all their obligations and that they will provide all necessary support services to passengers affected by the flight suspension. All passengers holding a valid ticket are kindly asked to contact their respective travel agency for further advice and information or to get in touch with Gambia Bird Airlines’ Customer Relations at: or call:

Banjul +220 690 0909

Accra + 233 303 93 46 93

Dakar +221 33 889 4319

Barcelona +34 971 222 292

London +44 (0) 12 93 822 922


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