Gambia's No. 1 Online Business Directory part of 7th Annual Trade Fair

This year’s trade Fair, Kicked off with a bang on Saturday March 1st 2014. The trade fair presents an opportunity for business and industry innovators to showcase their products, services and collaborate with one another. is pleased to be part of this year’s participants.

Businessmen, women, government officials, investors, consumers and tourists from all over come to the stadium grounds to see what’s on offer.

Look out for! Gambia’s number one online business Directory. Why are we the best option? is on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing ,for the most popular searched term Gambia .We receive close to 500 hits daily. Our web page hosts different categories of business listings.

What are the benefits? Expand your brand and business visibility beyond your border. Attract more customers with a professional online presence. Increase business and investment opportunities from outside of The Gambia. Find the business you are looking for quickly and easily whether in the Gambia or abroad.

We have other services under our belt such as our web design services check out our website , websites starting from only D25,000!.

Are you also interested in corporate gifts? Check out our online catalogue Contact us on 7946242 for more info.


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