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Gambia Growth & Competitiveness Project (GGCP)

The Gambia Growth and Competitiveness Project, is a World Bank funded Project with the objective to improve the investment climate and to strengthen the competitiveness of key sectors of the Gambia economy. The five-year project seeks to contribute towards sustaining the growth of the economy and enhance poverty reduction through private sector-led growth.

The main components to the project,the first being improving the business enviroment through business registration and tax administration reforms,establishment of a collateral registry and support for investment promotion and facilitation.The second component is by strenghteing economic clusters through a competitiveness program that will support horticulture development,a quality assurance program for the groungnut sector,Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises,business growth and access to finance as well as tourism promotion marketing and skills development.

The Matching Grant Facility seeks to confirm long term susutainable job creation and income generation by providing enterprises in The Gambia with the neccesary assistance so that they may grow their businesse in a planned and business smart manner.Which will help the private sector grow in the domestic and international market.The Project being in its first year of implementation has so far successfully given grants to 10 small and medium enterprise owners in the Gambia.This giving them the opportunity to provide Tecnical support,Business Advisory Services,business growth programs,training and capacity building just to name a few.

This is surely a great welcome to The Gambia ,and the GGCP is urging small business owners and strat up enterprises that fit the criteria to apply for their Matching Grant Facility.

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