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Gambia Independence Day

February 18th 1965 Marks the day that The Gambia Gained Independence from 300yrs of British Colonial Rule, this year Marks our 48th Anniversary. It was also on this day on 1965 that the Gambians finally established their own flag and replaced the Union Jack. We are still a small and young nation but have grown tremendously in the past years.

At the peak of the 19th century, Gambia was put under the ruling power of Britain. Slave trade became so rampant then and the Gambian people suffered from torture and abuse. Almost 3 million people were victims of this colonial period in which majority were sold to the Arabs and Europeans to become servants and some were kept as prisoners.It was only on 1807 that the slave trade was finally eradicated all over the territory of Britain except from Gambia which remained under the jurisdiction of the British Governor General until 1888.

After the 2nd World War right after the broad elections, full self-government was granted to Gambia. It was officially proclaimed a legal monarchy within a Commonwealth on February 18, 1965. Five years after its independence, the government passed a new referendum declaring the country as a republic. Prime Minister Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara who took the seat on the day of independence became the first president of the republic on 1970.

This year we will be celebrating big, the March pass for this year will be held at the Independence Stadium with honorable Guest such as the President of Senegal Maki Sallah expected to attend. Children from the Jr and High Schools participate in the March pass along with Teachers, Civil Servants and The Army in from of The President and other dignitaries.

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