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Gambia squashes Ebola rumor- Country free from virus

Health authorities in The Gambia Thursday dismissed rumors whirling in town that the country has registered its first Ebola case after a tuberculosis patient was hospitalized at the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital in Bundung.

The authorities maintain that the country is still an Ebola-free nation and that there is no cause for panic.

Briefing the press at the headquarters of the national broadcaster, the director of Health Promotion and Education, Momodou Njai, who spoke on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, said the rumor was misleading and unfounded, declaring that “The Gambia has not yet reported any case of Ebola”.

Njai said people are mistaken a TB patient that reported at the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital for an Ebola, reiterating that “there is no suspected person thus far”.

The director advised people to desist from such rumors and always contact the health authorities for any information and enquiries

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