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Gambian Actress Wins Africa’s Oscar!

Nollywood star Fatima Jabbe has been voted the best female actress at the African Oscars in Washington DC topping the list of 32 nominees in Africa People’s Choice Best Actress category.

Fatima is a Gambian Actress based in the UK. She has starred in popular Nollywood movies such as ‘Mirror Boy’, a movie that has raked in millions of naira’s. She will next feature in Battered, which is due to premier at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, southeast London on September 28.

At the prestigious dinner held at the Warner Theatre in Washington over the weekend, Ms Jabbe picked the award ahead of other Nollywood superstars including the likes of Omotola Jaladeand Monalisa Chinda. Fatima Jabbe no doubt is one of the most successful and accomplished Gambian actress today.

Battered is a film highlighting violence against women as an obstacle to the achievement of equality, development and peace. Ms Jabbe, who is the script writer and executive producer of this emotional film, plays the leading role of Ann, who is a victim of crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men.

It is wonderful to see that in Today’s new Africa Gambian women are getting the chance to spread their wings in career opportunities that were once frowned upon. The Gambian actress, entrepreneur and politician, has carved a niche for herself by being an inspiration to a new generation of Gambian youths who see her as a role model.

You make us all proud Fatima well done to you!

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