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Gambian team leaves for Dakar-Goree Open Water Swimming Competition

A team of 5 men from Gambia Swimming & Aquatic Sports Association is expected to leave Banjul to join other nationals for the 26th Edition Dakar-Goree Open Water Swimming Competition 2013 to be held in Dakar, Senegal. This marathon competition, which attracts over hundreds of participants all over the world, is an annual programme organised by the Senegalese Swimming Federation.

This is the first time The Gambia is taking part in such a very big International Open Water Swimming Competition. The competition is covering 5 and 7 kilometers of open water. The aims and objectives of participating in this competition are to help expose our young swimmers in International Open Water Swimming competitions and give chance to the Gambian International Open Water Swimming Referees to officiate in high level international competitions and add their experience.

About 500 people will participate in the 26th annual swim to Goree Island, including diplomats, amateurs and licensed competitors. We wish our tem luck in attending this event for the first time and hope they come out on top.


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