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GCCI holds investment forum

The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), in collaboration with the West African Constellation Program, based in Italy on Monday held an investment forum at the Senegambia Beach Hotel.

The objective of the forum was to inform and promote Italian businesses in the areas of Agro Industry (cultivation), energy (production & illumination) (domestics and commercial), water treatments (public and private sectors), hotel construction and supplies, type technology and general construction, windows and doors construction (PVC frames), franchise opportunities and furniture’s.

Speaking at the forum, Bai Sainey Secka, who is partnering with the West African Constellation, noted that the program is happening in other parts of the world in partnership with Italians who scouted The Gambia as one of the potential areas of growth. The program he said will be merging Gambian entrepreneurs, Gambian technical personnel and companies with not only Italian but also European companies. Secka explained that the concept is also great as most of the people involved in the work would be Gambians under the supervision of their counterparts from Italy and other parts of the world. According to Secka, The Gambia stands to gain in the areas of employment, infrastructural development, technology and training.

Gian Matteo Balestrini, the chairman of West African Constellation, noted that the economy of the country is important, adding that the constellation project is managed by Gambian citizens with external support participating technically and financially.

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