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GCCI validates 2015 Employer’s Guide

The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry validated its first ever Employer’s Guide at a ceremony held at  its headquarters in Bijilo on March 30th 2015.The International Labour Organisation funded the Employer’s Guide initiative, and the forum attracted participants from various business institutions in the country. The guide summarises the Labour Act 2007, Social Security Corporation Act 2010, Alternate Dispute Resolution Act 2005, Women Act 2010 and the Ombudsman Act respectively. At the meeting, the CEO of GCCI, Alieu Secka, noted that the whole purpose of Employer’s Guide is to support employers to ensure that they do live within the law, adopt the best practices, as well as learnt from case studies.

Representative of the Ministry of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment ,Mamadi Dampha, said the validation of this important guide is very significant taking into account the important role played by both employers, GCCI and their line ministries to ensure that there is industrial harmony in their work places.“It is important that the tripartite consequent of GCCI, Trade Union and employers, come together to make sure the Labour Act 2007 is effectively the guide came about as a result of the need for employers in The Gambia to have a common framework of understanding of the Labour laws of The Gambia. Trade Unions and employee associations need to be up to date with the requirements of the Labour Laws of The Gambia GCCI felt the need to increase the level of awareness of the Labour Laws, Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms among its members and the private sector in general.

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