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GT Board Hosts the 2016 Bike For Africa Event

This year Bike for Africa 2016 sporting event takes place from January 27th – February 3rd. The event takes place in Senegal and The Gambia and also marks the third edition of this event. There will be five days biking activities, which will take off from Senegal with a group of 70 bikers, crossing Senegal and Destination Gambia.

The group of 70 international bikers consists of young and old, female and male. The group consists of staff from Brussels Airlines; Belgian sponsored companies and the CEO of the Brussels Airlines, will bike approximately 450 kilometers.

On January 30th, the bikers will cross the river by pirogue then cycle to Toubakouta .On January 31st theyl cross Gambian border to cycle to Berefet and as well cross River Gambia by pirogue and stay overnight at a campsite on the river bank.While February 2nd is another day for them to cycle from Brefet to Banjul (100 km) with a closing event on the beach.

The Gambia Tourism Board has assured their partners of a fruitful and successful event in Destination Gambia as necessary logistics have been put in place .The event among other things is meant to promote the destination and what the country can offer.

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