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GT Board & RLG; keeping our Beaches Clean

The Gambia Tourism Board in collaboration with stakeholders such as RLG, over the weekend embarked on a massive beach cleaning exercise. The exercise was designed to show how stakeholders are committed in the cleanliness of our beaches, with a view of protecting our coastlines as well as making the beaches attractive for better tourism.

The director general of GT Board, Benjamin Roberts, disclosed that the event is a nationwide exercise. He said that they are cleaning almost all the beaches, from Fajara and Sheraton beaches up to Kartong beach. He added that the cleaning exercise was not only for RLG and the GT Board but also all their partners in tourism development such as fish sellers, fishermen, fruit sellers, bar keepers and craft market businessmen and women and taxi drivers. He further revealed that the GT Board is working on initiatives to get a machine before next year’s season that would be used in cleaning the beach and to keep it tidy. As the season is on we are welcoming tourists to beautiful Gambia, thus this is the right time for us to keep the area very clean.

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