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Guava Juice

One of my friends had a large guava tree in front of his house – in addition to marvelling at its most curious bark and climbing up its limbs, we would spend entire afternoons trying to reach those most elusive of fruits – the ripe guava. Sadly, the birds would reach them before us; but when we did get them, it was guava juice time!

20 Minutes



4 large ripe guavas

2 litres of water

1 lime

Sugar to taste


1. Bring the water to a boil.

2. Peel the guavas and chop the inner pulp.

3. Add the pulp from the guavas and simmer for 10 minutes while agitating with a potato masher.

4. Allow the mix to cool.

5. Add the juice from the lime (optional) and sugar to taste.

6. Strain thoroughly, using the back of a spoon to pass the pulp through the sieve.

7. Chill and enjoy over ice!

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