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Horticultural womens groups sensitized on marketing and networking

Women’s Groups which are engaged in horticultural production in the districts of lower and upper Fulladu West in Central River Region over the weekend concluded a two-week sensitization program on marketing techniques, networking, group formation and strengthening, among others. Concern Universal organized the program in partnership with the Agency for Village Support (AVISU) under the project Promotion of women equity of access to economic resources through marketing federation.

The sensitization programs were held in the communities of Lower Fulladu West district in the villages of Fullabantang, Taifa, Jahaly, Nmadina Fally, Brikamaba, Sukurr, Dasilameh and Tabanani.  In the Upper Fulladu West district, the villages included Dobong kunda, Mabally koto and kuta, Nyamen Kunda, Kerewan Dumbo kuno, Galleh Manda and Daru.

The overall objective of this project  was to establish a marketing federation, and members would be selected from trained horticultural women groups within Central River Region South. The project has a two-year lifespan to be implemented in Central River Region North and South. The lead implementers are the Women’s Initiative The Gambia and the Agency for Village Support, and it is funded by the European Union. This project is meant to empower groups engaged in horticultural production, thus create market linkages, group formation, and organizational management, and develop action plans, record keeping and product pricing. Every particular women’s group targets 50 participants, were selected from the identified 40 women groups from Central River Region South.

The sensitization activity took the form of interaction, group discussions and community outreaches; and some of the key topics dealt with included group assessment and strengthening, establishment and management of the marketing federation. As part of AVISU co-funding of the project activities, a new project was secured from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) aimed at training women groups on democratic and women’s participation in decision-making and local governance, including women leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy and women’s rights in agricultural and marketing federation.

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