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IGI Gamstar Insurance Company

IGI Gamstar Insurance Company  is one of the leading insurance companies in The Gambia. The company is jointly owned by Gambian shareholders and the Industrial And General Insurance Plc of Nigeria who hold a substantial stake.

The company’s mission statement is to provide quality insurance and financial services to individuals and businesses and always strive to be the best. In order to achieve this, it is focusing on increasing customer satisfaction through maintenance of service excellence, total commitment and affordable prices with a track record of fast settlement of claims.

Over the years, IGI Gamstar has developed a formidable workforce comprising of qualified, experienced and well motivated staff both at the top and middle management levels. They have put in place a sound Reinsurance portfolio handled by a consortium of Re-insurers led by Africa Reinsurance Corporation which is currently rated ‘BBB+’ by standard and poor’s London, an indication of a very good competitive position, good operating performance and strong capitalization.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, IGI Gamstar has contributed significantly to the development of sports in the Gambia. They have sponsored major events such as football, athletics, golf, cycling etc. They have also sponsored some major Cultural events.

The company is the major insurer for many of the major Institutions in the Gambia. This is because of the way they handle their business and their reputation for speedy settlement of claims.

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