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Influential Women of The Gambia

So we are in week 3 of our Phenomenal Woman Blog and so far we have written about Mrs.Hariet Ndow a great Educator & Fatou Bensouda the current boss of the International Criminal Court all Gambian women that have achieved great things.

Today’s blog will focus on a woman politician and we all know her. It’s none better than our VP The Honorable Isatou Njie Saidy. She was born in the village of Kuntaya, North Bank Region on 5th March 1952. She has been Vice President of the Gambia, as well as Secretary of State for Women’s Affairs, since 20 March 1997; she is the first Gambian woman to hold the position of Vice President and one of the first women in West African politics to reach this senior position.

She obtained an M.Sc in Social and Economic Development at the University of Swansea. She has spoken and written extensively about women’s issues in the Gambia. She has contributed to research on how literacy can enhance the socio-economic development of Gambian women and also contributed to a research on how to effectively integrate Gambian women in national development and how to meet their needs in national development planning. She has been in the forefront formulation of policies, guidelines and programs for the integration of Women in Development. Also providing Resource mobilization for projects and programs for women both at the national and International level.

She has ran the Office of VP since 1996 and is still plays a strong and active role In the empowerment of Gambian and African woman as hole.

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