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Insist Global Software Solutions In The Gambia

Insist Global is the only software development company in the Gambia that specializes in business information management and builds all of its technology from the ground up. Insist Global was established in 2010 to help organizations and projects manage the complex flow of information through their business processes.

Insist is the only software company in the Gambia that has its own software technology platform comparable to most modern technology platforms that can be used to build new solutions for businesses or organizations.

Solutions range from Human Resources Management, Fixed Assets Management, Stocks & Inventory and Accounting, Network Management and monitoring etc. Their systems are both offline and online and combine powerful data management software with proven security techniques to ensure that you get value for you investment.

In addition to this, the software offered are built and supported locally, and do not suffer from a lot of the issues that plague ICT initiatives that use foreign technology such as: unavailability of experts, lack of support post deployment, difficulty adapting to local needs, training and sustainability issues, etc.

Above all, they have developed a modern state of the art data center that is running on ACE fiber. This means that the same experts that build your system are working in the same building where your systems can be hosted. Ensuring 0 hour turnaround time for technical support issues at the lowest possible cost.

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