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MBE Paper Bag Company

MBE is into the production and sale of paper bags to the local market .They couldn’t have come at a better time to replace plastic bags with the Ban of Plastic bags use and Importation of Bags into the country by the National Environment Agency. There will be an ongoing sensitization campaign about the dangers of using plastic bags introduced to The Gambia.

Andrew Sambou is one of the proprietors of MBE, they have a vision of significantly contributing to the Socio-Economic development of the country via youth empowerment, domestic production and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Hawaii recently became the first state in the United States to ban plastic bags at checkout counters after a two-year campaign across the islands. Specifically, retailers will no longer be allowed to carry bags that are not non-biodegradable plastic bags or 40 percent recycled paper bags. Most plastic bags are not biodegradable and end up in landfills or worse, floating around in the environment. It takes hundreds of years for plastic bags to decompose and while they do, they release toxins into our soil, lakes, rivers and oceans. Secondly, littered plastic bags are a threat to animals.

While we may not be able to stop a billion dollar industry in the production of plastic bags, we can take measure to make sure our lives are plastic-free or at the very least, we recycle and reuse the plastic bags in our lives. Opt against plastic bags by purchasing reusable grocery bags available at home major retailers and grocers. If you do end up with a few plastic bags, reuse them to line your trash but make sure your plastic bags don’t end up as litter.


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