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Moukhtara Holding

The Moukhtara Holding Company is a multi-sector industrial firm engaged in a number of distributive and manufacturing fields on Moukhtara Road in the Kanifing Industrial Estate area of The Gambia. The business was founded back in 1986 and has a staff of more than 550 employees working in 15 sub-divisions in eight sectors of the Gambian economy.

Bonto Gravel processes washed and specially screened red laterite stones for the construction industry. Alida Marble manufactures standard and customized polished granite and various colored marble slabs and tiles for homes, organizations and commercial enterprises. Marisa Bricks produces fired, red clay bricks at Busumbala Village using locally sourced clay and other materials.

Nyambia Sawmill is engaged in the production of building grade quality timber for the construction sector. They can provide planks of wood of many varying sizes and thickness. Most of the cut timber is either imported from Casamance, Senegal, or is logged down at its Sifoe plantation located in Bonto in The Gambia.

New Type Press is engaged in the production of good quality flyers, brochures, posters, invoices, receipt books, file folders, custom-made business neon signs, car stickers, and stationery in Gambia. It has delivered on its print publications services and products to numerous clients such as household name companies and governmental agencies.

From Banjul Highway towards Old Jeshwang turn right before Jimpex road and drive down about 150 metres.

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