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Nigeria Declared Ebola Free by the WHO

As Africa and the world grapple with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and reports of infection in Spain and the United States, international health authorities have declared two West African countries free of Ebola virus transmission. Senegal was declared free from Ebola on October 17 and Nigeria became the second West African country to be declared free from the Ebola virus this past Monday.

Nigeria had recorded 20 cases of Ebola after a Liberian-American man named Patrick Sawyer flew into Lagos and collapsed at the airport. Health care workers who were treating Sawyer also got infected and the disease later spread and killed eight people.

The Nigerian ambassador to The Gambia and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Banjul has reacted to the decision by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in declaring her country officially ‘Ebola-free’, saying the development is a plus and hope for the entire continent’ in its efforts to contain this deadly disease.

Both countries took swift and calculated measures to contain the first reported cases of Ebola after travelers imported the virus into the respective countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the two West African countries were aggressive in isolating patients, tracing and monitoring the patients’ contacts, and educating the public about protecting themselves and preventing infection from the virus.


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