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No confirmed case of Ebola in The Gambia

No confirmed case of Ebola has been reported in The Gambia according to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. The Ministry however informed that due to the active surveillance system it has put in place, two people who travelled from one of the affected areas in Guinea has been traced by the surveillance network. Although their clinical signs are not specific for Ebola, they are being treated in an isolation ward and all standard infection control measures are being observed.

The Ministry further informed that it is closely monitoring the Ebola situation in Guinea Conakry and neighboring countries.  Because Ebola is a very fatal disease and spreads very fast within the human population, it noted that the Ministry in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders have taken a number of preparatory measures to prevent the disease from spreading into the Gambia.  The Ministry is taking the necessary preventive measures to protect the health of the general public and wishes to reassure that there is no need for panic and people should go about their normal business but to remain vigilant and report any suspected cases to the nearest health facility.

The signs and symptoms of Ebola are similar to some other conditions and they may include vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, joint and muscle aches, stomach pain, headache, red eyes, and bleeding from body openings may be seen in some patients.  People can be exposed to Ebola virus from direct physical contact with body fluids like blood, saliva, stool, urine, etc of an infected person and soiled linen used by a patient. To prevent Ebola, people should therefore avoid direct contact with body fluids of a person suffering from Ebola or has died of the disease.  Strict personal hygiene through hand-washing should be adhered to at all times

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