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Phenomenal Women—Mrs.Hariet Ndow

This Month I will be doing a weekly portrayal of Gambian women who have contributed or are contributing to the development of our beloved nation and give kudos to them. They are women who are household names, women who girls look up to and aspire to be when they grow up. These women are the backbone of our country and they enabled us the current generation to have a voice.

Our phenomenal woman of May is no other than Mrs.Hariet Ndow, commonly known as Mrs Ndow. She was a schoolteacher and headmistress for over 50 years and is a household name in The Gambia and abroad. I personally am a product of Ndow’s Primary and High School. I miss those beautiful days where you were only worried about passing your Exams.

Born on the 28th of October 1926, In an era where woman’s education was frowned upon, she was among the first Wolof Catholic girls to receive secondary education. She attended St. Joseph’s Infant Primary and Secondary Schools before landing a colonial scholarship that took her to Achimota College Ghana to train as a primary teacher. In 1955, she later went to Portsmouth Training College in the UK, where she did leadership in primary school. She then proceeded to Oxford University was where she bettered herself in Administration alongside Mathematics. In 1963 she opened a school as head teacher Kampama School. In 1966 she was promoted to Serrekunda Primary School and served there until her retirement in 1981 (p.s. she taught my dad whilst at Mom primary school…. She created the Ndow’s Schools Group in 1981 which includes Ndows Comprehensive and St. Joseph’s Ex -Pupil’s, beginning with a nursery and primary school. She is a great women that has Educated generations of Gambians and is worth of praise.

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