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Protecting Our Children

Child sex tourism is an awful act that needs public attention in order to seriously address it. Tourism for the purpose of engaging in the prostitution of children that is commercially facilitated by child sexual abuse must be strictly avoided by visitors coming into the country.

Despite many efforts by the government and rights groups, The Gambia is still a vulnerable target for unscrupulous visitors such as suspected or convicted paedophiles, who enter the country in search of a low-profile location to commit their crimes against children silently .We as a country have to be very vigilant and work towards addressing practices such as child sex tourism.The commercial sexual exploitation of children is now becoming an international problem, to which this country is not immune.

NGO’s such as Child Protection Alliance (CPA), a leading child rights coalition in The Gambia, in collaboration with ECPAT Netherlands held training for the members of the Tourism Security Unit (STU) designed to arm them with the requisite knowledge on the Tourism Offences Act as part of efforts to combating “child sex tourism” within the industry.

Organisations like Gambia Tourism board in collaboration with the minister of health have also made various efforts like printing out flyers for the hotels and beach bars to sensitize people on the harms of child sex tourism and for this not to be condoned in our small and beautiful country known as The Gambia.

It’s up to each one of us to take a stance to ensure a bright future for the youth of our country.

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