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Q Cell is one of The best GSM Companies in The Gambia. QCell began commercial operations on July 1st 2009.It is the vision of a young Gambian Entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in the IT business, Muhammed Jah who is well known in The Gambia and the entire West African sub region for innovative and technologically advanced products and services. The slogan for Q-Cell “SUNU BUSS” is in Wolof meaning OUR OWN, For us Gambians By us, says it all.

QCell is currently the only  GSM service Provider thus far  offering services that until now were not available in this country such as the 4G service through connecting to the Ace Cable which was launched late last year . Q Cell’s network is nationwide with 4G services available in the Greater Banjul Area, Farafenni and Basse.

QCell’s customers enjoy the clearest possible voice calls, video calls and 4G/ Internet access on their mobiles. They are also the nation’s leading ISP, providing Broadband Internet Services throughout the country.

Recently Q cell launched the Q-Power service which allows customers to buy Cash Power for their homes simply by using the mobile phones. For more information please go to the Q Cell website or visit their head quarters on Kairaba Avenue.

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