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RETSAM set to launch clothing line

Rising hip hop artist Retsam Bad’G and one half of Grandiz crews finest is set to officially launch a joint venture clothing line this summer. Established in 2012 ‘Chambaii Urban Wear’ as it’s written, which literally means you rock, you are smart and beautiful the collection will cater for males, females and children in the near future.

As one of the elements of Hip Hop, Retsam disclosed that being an entrepreneur and owning a label or brand was a lifetime dream and being able to sell it internationally has proven that it’s conscious apparel and undoubtedly an achievement for Gambian urban wear and Gambian Fashion.

The new prints of the Gambian brand Chambia will be done in Austria considering the high request in Europe and USA and easy distribution and delivery will be done Worldwide, with the help of Lisa Frantz coordinator and designer for the line which will include T-shirts, Sweat shirts, Jumpers, Tank Tops and of course snap backs and hats in the near future.

A recent photo shoot in Austria, which also features accessories by Efua a well-known designer in Austria and also Gambian international reggae artist, has proven once again that art is related in all forms. A website will be built and launch in near time to make it easy for customers to purchase their apparels online and also few stores across Europe, The Gambia, and Senegal will be disclosed.

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