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Roots Homecoming Festival 2014 The Gambia

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture invites all people of African descent and all persons committed to the well being of Africans and the development of Africa, to come home to The Gambia and participate in The 11th edition of the International Roots Festival which is a historical, cultural and educational event, scheduled to take place in The Gambia from the 9th – 17th May 2014.



For over 400 years our people have been separated by the results of the African Holocaust (Trans – Atlantic Slave Trade) and the legacy of colonization has kept us at odds with our true history, identity, cultural traditions while preventing unity and growth amongst African People and the African Continent.

Roots 2014 commemorates the enforced enslavement and transportation of millions of Africans to the Americas and the Caribbean Islands. Africans and friends of Africa from the Diaspora are presented with a unique opportunity to attend and participate in The International Roots Festival 2014.

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