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Study Abroad in Gambia, West Africa

The Gambia is a small, English speaking country in the heart of West Africa. Surrounded on three sides by Senegal and one by the ocean the country is a small strip along the Gambia River. With over 20 tribes and 7 languages, the Gambia is an amazing mix of cultures and people.

This Program will give you a true experience of Africa you will live as a local, eating the traditional foods of the country, and studying under some of the best teachers available today in the disciplines of your choice.

Many also choose to do a path of service and volunteer in local schools and organizations during their visits, and they help place you with a program if you are interested. While in the Gambia, you will be able to study your choice, and any combination of:

• Kora• Drumming (Djembe, Sabare / Wolof, Mandinka)

• Djembe Carving (for longer stays only)

• Traditional Dance

• Batik and Tye Dying

• Wood Carving

• Local Languages (Mandinka, Wolof, Jola, etc..)

• Local Cooking

There are fall, spring, and summer sessions, and personalized sessions can also be arranged based around your schedule. For more info go to

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