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Swami India International

Swami India International, is one of the, leading construction companies in The Gambia. Since its incorporation in 2004 the company has been engaged in separate interrelated activities such as , Real estate development, supplying building materials, borehole drilling ,manufacturing of compressed blocks and they also have a laterite stone crushing plant located in Faraba.

As part of its business operations in The Gambia, Swami India is engaged in the development of the Paradise Estate in Old Yundum on the coastal highway. The Estate provides good quality housing to The Gambia populace at affordable prices. The Paradise Estate Project comprises a total of 160 houses.  Fifty nine houses have been built in the first phase in three model designs namely Katchikally, Georgetown and Toronto.

The Farato project is the second estate development project undertaken by Swami in 2008. Farato city which consist of 170 plots was developed as a site and service scheme. It was projected for completion in four years but due to high demand all the plots were sold before the end of the project life. The project also includes some low cost houses comprising of 2 bedrooms each on a plot size of 10 m x 20 m.

The Sun beach village project is a site and service scheme comprising the development of a 43 hectares piece of land in Sanyang village. A site and service scheme is an improved version of the conventional or public land allocation system. The land is to be developed by simply putting in the necessary infrastructure which would include the construction of a wide road network made of laterite stones and hard paved with blocks, a developed play ground, a fully developed school with buildings, a well equipped medical centre, a green park, fully developed supermarket, a water reticulation network, a 3 phase over head electricity distribution system and a sound drainage system. The land is demarcated into 520 plots ranging in size from 450m2 to 1000m2 . The project has the distinctive advantage of providing the beneficiaries with the opportunity to opt for a turnkey arrangement with Swami or a contractor-built house or a less expensive own-built house which allows for much participation and decision making by the beneficiary.

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