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The 12th Edition Roots Festival Scheduled for May 2016

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture invites all people of African descent and all persons committed to the wellbeing of Africans and the development of Africa, to come home to The Gambia and participate in The 12th edition of the International Roots Festival which is a historical, cultural and educational event, scheduled to take place in The Gambia from the Friday 6th – Friday 13th May 2016.

The International Roots Festival is designed to encourage people of African Descent who reside within the Diaspora to further discover, re-affirm and re-embrace their ancestral identity through confronting a physical past. Come home and experience the African Continent. Come home, rediscover and reaffirm your African heritage, be at one with your people and your ancestral family. Visit places of Historical, Cultural and Educational interest such as Juffureh (The Late Alex Haleys Ancestral home), Fort James Island, Georgetown (now Janjanbureh) and establish cultural ties.

The Late American Historian by the name of Alex Haley who discovered his “Roots” in The Gambian Village of Juffereh wrote a book based upon his findings which later became a TV Series known to millions as “ROOTS”.Don’t miss out on this year’s event!

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