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The Gambian TV Series “Nakala”

The Nakala Tv Series is the first of its kind in The Gambia a musical drama produced In Senegambia. Momodou Lamin Touray the director of Nakala and his casts take us through an adventure. The Drama is about Senegambia’s living in the Diaspora and their encounters. Tackling issues such as immigration, migration, love, betrayal, family, friends and other issues affecting us in the Diaspora and our connection back home in The Gambia.

Nakala Tv Series is a commitment to promote greater participation and acceptance of the Senegambian performing artists internationally. The Series brings together the best and the most talented actors in the United Kingdom, from The Gambia. With contributions from the biggest and brightest Gambian stars in the UK Nollywood industry, plus those from other creative avenues. With Names such as Sisqo and Vivi Amie Chris taking the leading roles.

The project will utilize music to reveal our countries hidden talents. It will also draw attention of other people in the entertainment business, from around the world to pay attention to the growing film industry in The Gambia. Young Gambians are beginning to become more creative and looking at careers in the field of creativity, be it Acting, Singing, Fashion and Design and this should be encouraged.

You can watch Nakala on Youtube or on TFM every Sunday @ 9 pm.

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