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The Medical Research Centre – established in 1947

The Medical Research Centre is one of the longest most effective Organizations in The Gambia, established in 1947. MRC is financed by the UK Government and is one of the UK’S largest investments in Africa.

MRC concentrate on the research of diseases that are of direct concern to The Gambia and African Continent, for the purpose of reducing the burden of illness and mortality in developing countries as a whole. They conduct research in Nutrition, Reproductive Health and Non-Communicable diseases.

Some of the diseases studied are HIV, Malaria and TB which are widespread in Africa. They have developed new vaccines and Medicines for Malaria and

have well equipped research and clinical facilities.

The staff list consists of around 200 scientists, clinicians and senior administrative staff from many parts of the world. They have given many Gambians working with them the opportunity to have great career opportunities and further their education. Aside from MRC’s research centre in Fajara, there are also 4 field stations which are at Keneba,

Farafenni, Wali Kunda and Basse.

Malaria is still a major public health problem in The Gambia, accounting for over 40% of hospital visits and being the leading cause of morbidity and mortality.

Statistics fortunately show that HIV/AIDS has not hit as hard in The Gambia as in other parts of Africa after the first case was diagnosed in the country in 1986. HIV/AIDS prevalence among the young & adults (15 to 49) in The Gambia are categorized as low at 2%.

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