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The MFH Group

The MFH Group is a holding company that acts as a distributor for a number of international consumer product and services. They consist of 4 divisions, which includes Banjul Pharmacy, Sunu Kerr, King Food and LG Electronics.   MFH group has been in operation since 1970 and has enjoyed consistent and increasing success over the years.

Established by Mr. Michel Hocheimy in 1970, MFH Group started off with a small pharmacy in Wellington Street and slowly grew into a proper pharmacy now called Banjul Pharmacy, named after the capital of the Gambia. Banjul Pharmacy makes sure that quality medicine is easily and affordable available to the Gambian people. Today, Banjul Pharmacy acts as a retailer and a whole seller to many hospitals, clinics and other pharmacies.

In 1988, Sunu Kerr was established, which means “Our Home” in one of the local languages called wolof. Sunu Kerr offered a variety of consumer goods for bath, kitchen and home décor. Today, Sunu Kerr has 4 branches and has expanded into hardware, appliances, paint, plumbing, flooring and building materials. Sunu Kerr is among the leaders in Hardware and Building materials in the Gambia, making it very convenient for customers to find almost everything they need in one place to build, maintain, beautify and enjoy their homes.

In 1991, MFH Group officially introduced LG Electronics (by then Goldstar) into the Gambia. MFH Group became the exclusive agent for this South Korean brand, which was established in 1958. Today, MFH Group currently has one of the best LG showrooms of all of West Africa, allowing others to see that tiny Gambia can still meet the standards of any developed country.

Today, MFH Group has 270 staff and 12 stores in the Gambia.  Find out more here

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