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The New Bird

The Airline Industry is tough to maintain in Africa and airlines have come and gone but we are most happy to welcome into The Gambia our latest airline Gambia Bird. A most welcomed development in the Gambian airline industry, and a cause of great joy and hope for travellers in the sub-region and beyond.

gambia bird

Services have commenced in the country, and will be connecting more cities such as Banjul, Dakar, Freetown, Accra, Conakry, Monrovia, Barcelona and London.Hopefully this would end years of limited air travel services between these cities and The Gambia and brings a sign of relief for many who see air travelling in the sub-region as a nightmare. The coming of the new airline hopefully will address challenges of air transport difficulties faced by passengers travelling by air between Banjul and other cities in the sub-region.

Founded by the German Carrier ,Germania Airlines.They are currently doing all they can to Market Gambia Bird in the right way and keep it around for a long time. With affordable tickets,good standards and just last week they were giving away free 1 week tickets from UK to The Gambia.What a way to start,I wish I got One!

Wishing the whole team of Gambia Bird a successful and prosperous journey.Hope your here for the long haul.

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