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The Q Group

The Q Group comprises of Q-Cell,Quantum Net,Samsung and Espace Motors. All owned by one man who many should be inspired by his entrepreneurship .Mr.Mohamed Jah is a Gambian business man whom throughout the years has made a remarkable impact on the private sector of our country.

He started QuantumNET, The Gambia’s First Internet Service Providers in 1998, with basically very limited funds. Even though at the time QuantumNET was competing with GAMTEL, QuantumNET gradually and steadily made its mark as one of the leading IT companies in The Gambia giving world wide standard services.

Soon after he began diversifying into other areas. He acquired Digital Planet, a Senegalese company well known in home appliance, representing, Samsung, Sony, Westpool etc. With the same perception and commitment to bringing the best products and services to Africa t, Muhammed also acquired Espace Motors, distributors of Chinese cars.He has made purchasing a vehicle easier for the gambian people buy paying on a installments basis,as he understands that not all can afford to purchase a car cashdown.

His biggest acheivement to date is Q cell. The Qcell mobile phone company is the 4th GSM mobile phone service provider to join the likes of Africell,Gamcell and Comium.They began opperation in 2009 and have going strong till now.They are the first GSM company In The Gambia to provide us with 3G network on our phones and growing stronger than ever today providing excellent service to the Gambian people.

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