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The Rainy Season

This year’s rainy season has started, a time when we face nightmares on our roads, most of which are not usable during this time of the year. While we are all thankful that the rains have started coming – from an agricultural point of view, unless we rehabilitate some of our roads and drainage systems, the rains will continue to wreak havoc in certain areas.

More rural communities have been hit by torrential rain, wreaking havoc on livelihoods and properties. In fact the severity is such that some residents were temporally displaced and sheltered by some neighbours. The affected villages are Taifa, Kerewan Samba Sira, Sinch Delegas and Sinchu Bamba villages; all in Lower Fulladou District. Soon after the rains, members the Regional Disaster Management Committee in collaboration with the District Disaster Management Committee visited the affected villages to assess the damage caused by the downpour.

Local residents attributed the inundation to poor culverts being constructed at the road. They observed that the team of engineers did not put enough culverts on the waterways to allow easy flow of water. They noted that due to poor designing of culverts, the water has to divert into nearby compounds, causing many houses to collapse as a result of the inundation.

It appears the downpour also took its toll on the rice fields, apparently submerging them, thus threatening the survival of the newly transplanted seedlings.

We are all glad that the rains have come, and we pray for a successful season for our farmers, but we must take note of the myriad of problems that come for other citizens during this season.

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